"Is This Hopscotch Related?"




I'm just giving people a reminder to look, read and think about a topic before typing "Is this Hopscotch related?" I've seen more than one person do it throughout this month!

Remember: read the whole topic. If you don't think it's Hopscotch related, look for key words like "Hopscotch", "project", "draft" or "collab"!

Just a quick reminder! :smile:


What about draft? Is that not a HS word when used to refer to a project being worked on?


Great advice! :D

...and it's especially the people whom recently joined the Hopscotch Forums. They may get confused and take it the wrong way when they're asked to keep things relevant to Hopscotch. I've seen it happen several alot of times! :3


Very helpful! :D


Added! Thank you! :smile: