Is this enough to be a regular?


Hi! Is this enough to be a regular?

Dunno.Just wondering. I know there tons of topic like this.I was just curious. Mods and leaders you can close this topic if you want to.
Thanks a lot!


You need to read 20k posts, so just keep working at it and you'll get it.


Wow! Dat I can do!
20 characters


I think your stats are great! (Better than mine) I think 20k is a huge number but you can do it! I am trying to get leader and eventually mod so yeah, got a long ways to go.


Gosh that's a lot :0


You just need to read 300 more topics. Everything else is good.


Am I close yet?


What about me?

Yes I still haven't got regular again...


Oooo! Okey then. Thanks for responding.


Well you are regular, so I would say you are quite close.






Lol you had all the qualifications but for some reason weren't promoted yet, so I went ahead and did it. Tell me if you lose it, but you definitely shouldn't because it says you are qualified.


@BuildASnowmanhiw about now?
How do you rate me from 1-10 being close to a regular?



Please close this topic.
I'm a regular now!