Is this allowed?


I want to make a project based on the Big Bang theory. But it's a little, umm... How do I put this.. Adult? I but I wanted it to just be the theme music with a cool background of atoms. My guess is I can because it would have no adult content but I want to make sure

Edit: the show is adult not the music


I think it is fine, as long as the content of the project is appropriate for kids​:smile:


Ok these are the lyrics I want to put them in the project. I also want to make sure they are appropriate. Our whole universe was in a hot dense state then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started wait.
The earth began to cool
the autotrophs began to drool
Neanderthals developed tools
we built the walls we built the pyramids
math science history unraveling the mystery
that all started with a Big Bang,


Yeah, just leave out the... adult parts and if their really important then transform them to be not "adult"?


The lyrics look fine. I don't see anything inappropriate.


It seems appropriate! And I can't wait for the project to come out!


Ok good just wanted to make sure.


Yeah, it's fine, probably.


I just want to point out our universe could end in a Big Crunch, after the universe expands to its fullest, it could begin to shrink and end in a Big Crunch. You don't need to put that in, I just wanted to say that.


or maybe... the universe is infinite! Maybe not... but who knows. lol idek.


Oh you mean the show the Big Bang Theory. Its fine, the theme song is fine at least....


Oh yeah! I forgot to mention the guy above me is right. I'm talking about the tv show. Sorry if you got confused with the actual thing...


Of course when im almost finished it crashes and I lose every single note. Should I give up cause I gave an hour worth of work into it?


Nope! Keep trying. Leave the project once in a while so it saves. I think @Anonymous said this, but if you play the project, and he's no music at all, close the app.


Just leave out the adult content and I think it will be great