Is this a joke? Sorry not trying to be mean


Well, the new features have just come out. And we just featured a (sighs) a spiral draw. And I would be OK with that but, it's not special at all, just straight from the video. The only thing is that it uses a smiley thing instead of an emoji. Person7 has a even cooler projects than this just why?

How did the smiley draw get on Featured?
  • this should be featured!
  • just let it be featured it's fine
  • Why??
  • This is terrible why is this featured? I should be!



Yeah... It's not the best feature, but oh well!


You know on the front page? This is on it


THT like it and that is what Featured is, not a place for complex projects (that is one of the factors though) that have lots of code. I would try and be happy for Person7 they are probably super happy right now :grinning:, my first featured project was a Geometry Dash with playing cards instead of shapes :wink:, so just be happy for that person. :smiley:


I know but it just seems so random. Does it depend on the amount of likes or remixes?


i think its just because hopscotch team likes people using their videos


It is carefully selected by the hopscotch team


Yes. Let's just be happy that the persons got on featured! :smile::smile:


I think the hopscotch team is trying a variety of people on featured now, lets be happy for that person, they are probobly super happy and its inspiring to new coders who can learn from simple and build up the complex code like MagmaPOP or oio


The hopscotch team might just be trying to get a variety of people, maybe it has some interesting code. Or they thought that project could teach people.


Me to because my friend sir sprinkles(check them out!) did the tilting and got on featured!


@Liza Could you resolve the issue and close this? Thanks!


Yeah I think that to!


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I think the Hopscotch Team decided to feature it because they wanted to change things up a bit when it comes to the projects that are featured. People always want to be just like the people who make the projects, but they don't know where they should start. They also may want to do a drawing featured projects because those dint get featured as much as games. I think they are trying to put a good mixture of projects into featured! :wink:


I agree, I was kinda upset when I saw that, partly because I made something like that, except with
*Cool background
* !!! instead of : ) : )
* Different colors
but yeah, it's probably because THT is trying to get a variety of people and they like it when their videos are used. We were the ones that complained about people not getting featured.

Thank you for reading this whole thing.


It was not the code... I was the art he did with it! :smile: