Is this a glitch or normal?


I was looking around in trending and then I saw double of my project:

Is this a glitch or normal? :anguished:


It's a glitch! I've seen it before in favorites, following, and I think trending too. :D
Try tapping trending again, and it should fix it!


Okay I will try thanks!


Yeah it was a small glitch. I clicked trending again and it was fixed.


You could have accidentally published duplicates...


No I'm absolutely sure I published 1. It probably glitched and made a duplicate on trending.


But it's just a small glitch


I've seen this before. Restarting HS makes it go away for me


I got 2 glitches

Notice there not 1
Weird eh? I think sobut to drawing things


On the first one it says PopTart02I9 and not 0219 :wink: