Is this a Fan/Copycat Account?


I was scrolling through my activity, and something weird catches my eye.

I don't know what this is. They remix my projects, but there's no mean comments. They follow me, too...?

Also, they kind of used my username. I'm flattered by this account. I don't think anyone would use a (:art:) at the end of "Snoopy" but me. I know Snoopy is a name that lots of people know, so I don't count people with usernames that are "Snoopy" copiers, but this is weird.

Is this a fan account? I don't know what this is. :frowning:

This is not a social experiment, I stopped doing those a while ago... :sweat_smile:


That's really cool! It might be a fan account!

Here's a like :heart:


Probably a bit of both, sorry, I can't type well with my right fingers covered in Cheetos cheese.


snoopy (:art:) i


i think i is the reason.


Yeah! I was going to ask you about this, @Snoopy :sweat_smile:

They remixed my project...? XD :D

sometimes I get people who've liked my project, and then change their name afterwards to something like "bananadog" XD

I think it might be a way of having a fan account for you :D


The follow me, they also spam liked me :0

Maybe they just like your projects!
Maybe they are a fan account for you!


They love you! That's why!


Gosh... :sweat_smile:
Who do you think this is? It's making me feel a little uncomfortable... :frowning:
But, I am flattered a little, it's cool knowing someone wants to be me... :slight_smile:


Yeah they want to be you.


I think it's an impersonation account.


They spam liked you? This is sort of off-topic, but I was spam liked by MemorableChicken once after I did something on Hopscotch that said I would have a MemorableChicken-themed party.


Hmmm ( ͡° ͜°
I agree with @tankt2016 :D


Yeah :)



Does MemorableChicken have a forum account?


Yes, but he hasn't used it in a while.


Yeah, but I don't think they have access to it :0

I was just telling them something in my chat account and they said they didn't have it :D


How come? :O


I dunno ;-;


Is that because of a forgotten password or a suspension?


I don't think they were suspended. Maybe they were, I dont know :0

Either their parents don't allow it or the forgot the password.

I joined a lot after they left so I dunno ;-;