Is this a bug? ⁉️⁉️


Do you know what's this

Various hopscotchers had this profile picture for a short period of time
Is it a bug?


Noope. I never had that picture before.


You never had it before but others have


I think there were a few people who changed their profile pics for a certain hopscotcher. I can't remember who it is. Maybe @Maltese?


Maltese changed her pic to that for dude73 because she liked that picture. More people got that profile pic to make dudey happy!


No, they changed it to that by choice.



What @Dude73 said. XD


Why was dudey sad?


I remember multiple people who had that profile picture. I don't know why!


I think this is a puppy and remember that you should stay on topic. I know lots of you will say that @Liza said that we can go a little of topic, but you don't have any proof.