Is this a bug? 🤔


I'm creating a new game on hopscotch that includes a drawing pad. :smile:
Before the new layout was added to hopscotch this is what I would have done :

I find with the latest version of hopscotch that I can't put a value into the leave a trail's color box.
Is this a bug?
As this is my first topic I was unsure what to call it so feel free to suggest better names. :hugging:


It is difficult to put values in leave a trail. You have to copy the value from somewhere else and the paste the value into the leave a trail block. Im not sure why we can't just put the value in.


Thank you very much for your help! :smile:


You can't put a value into the color place unless you're using HSB/RGB.


As mentioned you can paste it in or use a HSB/RGB block :wink:


Use set value/increase value and copy and paste value


Oh. You already know that xD