Is this a bug with my device?


Do all non-subscribers have limited projects? If not, wouldn’t that be unfair?


I didn’t think there was a project limit for nonsubscribers.

So if they don’t have a project limit it’s unfair for them?
Sorry I’m confused lol


Phew same (October 2016)


Which among these is true?

  • All non subscribers have limited projects
  • All non subscribers have unlimited projects
  • Some non subscribers have limited projects and some have unlimited projects

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There is no project limit for anyone.


But according to some forumers of this topic, you have a limit of 15 projects you can make if you did not join about 2 years ago.


That’s not a thing
Last i checked it def wasn’t


Nobody in this topic actually said that (except for you) but ok


I do not have the subscription. According to the app, I can only make a max of 15 projects. I understand because I am a non-subscriber. But when I checked this topic, forumers say that non- subscribers don’t have a project limit. That makes me wonder why I have a limit.


Where in the app does it say there’s a limit?

Unless maybe you’re on a guest account (and just changed the user name)


After I made 15 drafts, there is a portion in the drafts tab that says how many projects you have left. Once it reaches the limit of 15, it will say you are out of projects.


Unless maybe you can only have 15 drafts. Not published projects.

Hm ima test that later


The 15 includes all the projects you have made whether it is a draft or it is published.


Ok link me to your account.

Actually, hmm… I have an idea. But still link me to your acc and send me screenshots of what ur drafts look like


I am fine with the limit of 15. But I am just curious why some forumers say that all hopscotchers have unlimited projects even the non-subscribers.


Well you should have unlimited projects.

Send me the pics.


This is the portion of the drafts tab that says I am out of projects.


Click the settings gear and show me what that says…


This is what it says (I scribbled one of my drafts because I will still publish it)


Now that is just weird…
Im imo it really shouldn’t be like that but