Is this a bug with my device?


Every account i make has unlimited projects, and i don’t have the subscription @Ana @Liza @awesomeonion


Oops accidentally deleted it


People who are new have a limit of projects they can have


Huh. That is odd. One of y freinds not on the forum had limited projects. And my collab acc I made a few weeks ago is fine.


Yeah, if you joined before winter of 2 years ago, ll your accounts have unlimited projects.


joined in October 2016


This isn’t a bug. It is normal.


This isn’t a bug. Trust me, it isn’t.


So new people have a limit to posting?


I don’t really know how this works, and I think that you should ask THT for an official explaination. I have only one Hopscotch account, so I’m not the person to ask. Sorry!


I have a few.
But they never had a limit.


Sorry, I don’t have permission to say anymore. If a member of THT wants to tell you, I’ll leave it up to them.





There’s a limit to how many projects you can publish?! Unless you have the subscription?!

(With an exception to older accounts?!)


Phew I joined September 2017

I think if you use HS on a new device, the new thing will apply


Phew same (November 2015)


I guess don’t uninstall Hopscotch.

Make new accounts while you can still have this perk


— but I did download it on a new device but I still have my account ?


Uhh when did I join Hopscotch again…?
Because this doesn’t happen for me that I know of, and I don’t have the subscription


As far as my knowledge goes, I believe this is a difference between iPhone and iPad accounts. iPad accounts have a skip button at the end of the welcome menu, where iPhones do not (idk why).

I am not 100% sure, but I am trying to give my reasoning with this, as I have never signed out of my iPad but have on my iPhone.

Maybe the project limit is associated with not pressing the skip button and accepting the trial…

With that said, there should not be a difference based on what device is used, and that is still going back and forth with the phone app, from not being able to make projects to full capability to limited…