Is this a bug on hopscotch?


Ok so I was in hopscotch and I looked in my drafts today and I saw like 18 drafts that have like a black and white hs logo and I didn't have any drafts!!!!
I didn't make any drafts yesterday or in a long time!


Is this a bug?? @liza??


Hm, this happens to me, too! I'm not sure what causes it, though. When you enter the draft and exit back out the draft is gone (for me, at least). :thinking:


Anyone seen this before???


Try uploading them?



When I click on it it says oh no email us at there email!


Well email them!

They should fix it :wink:


No I can't because my parents said don't email Anyone except them!


Uhh.... Mabey try to get there attention some how


That happens to me too, I think it happens to everyone :wink:
just say to your parent that you need to email someone important to fix a bug on your iPad! They should understand and you will email them.


These drafts dont harm your ipad btw.


This happend to me...

Maybe you have so much drafts that is Dosnt load them all?
When I happend to me I had about 30 drafts!


I will try if this is lagging in the old version of hopscotch too.


Ask your parents to email them then :wink:


What is my hopscotch is buging me


Yeah its a bug


It happens to me too. Just open it then close it and it will go away.

Wait reading more posts nevermind, I still have that bug too