Is there / why isn't there nominations for trending?


i have found some good projects that I don't think are quite good enough for featured but can probably make trending.


Trending is automatic, they're put on there by an algorithm of plays/likes/remixes in a short time.


Well I mean trending is trending stuff.

Like @CreativeCoder said,


The Hopscotch team doesn't put projects in the Trending stream. A computer uses a special algorithm that decides what projects go on Trending. It depends on how many likes, remixes, and plays you get in a certain amount of time. Cool, huh? :smiley:

Oh wait yeah what @CreativeCoder said. xD


Ok thatnks for the help


Well, trending is when a project gets an average amount of likes, remixes, and plays that it goes up in trending. It's controlled by a computer. I'm pretty sure we're all on trending (not sure though?).

In the nominations for featured topic, we could also nominate some projects that weren't quite ready for featured for a channel called 'rising'!

But since it hasn't been updated in a while, they removed it.

(Oops I'm late again XD heh)

(What they all said XD)


Ok thanks for the help @Maltese


You're welcome! I probably didn't help that much though XD

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