Is there such thing as parallel lines that intersect? A triangle with two or even three right angles?



Is there such thing as parallel lines that intersect or triangles that have more than one right angles? Put your vote in and find out: please discuss below why you think your answer. This may be possible to create better 3D design on hopscotch and if you read below, you'll find out why.

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I don't think this is Hopscotch related... :confused:


Unless he is making a hopscotch project about explaining hopscotch to hopscotchers and the hopscotchers will need to know this hopscotch information to hopscotch more hopscotching projects


This is completely hopscotch related. The use of types of geometry can help games. I'm taking a poll to see who thinks this could or couldn't be possible.


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This is Hopscotch related because hopscotch is programming and programming uses geometry and this is geometry. This can be used for 3D design on hopscotch, which you'll find out in a second.

There is no right answer to this question, even though you all think it is false. The reason false is correct, is because of Euclidian geometry. This geometry states that parallel lines can never meet or triangles can have a max of one right angle. The reason it is true is because of non-Euclidian geometry, otherwise know as hyperbolic geometry. This geometry is on a globular surface, not the surface of a plane. This make a few 3D shapes two dimensional. If you look at the longitude lines on a globe (up and down) they are parallel, yet they meet at the poles. Also, longitude and latitude lines can make triangles with three right angles (search it up on the Internet). This may not seem to make sense, but that's ok. Hyperbolic geometry is used in 3D computer design and three dimensional video games or animated movies.


No, none of those are possible. Parallel lines are always apart and only a certain triangle can have 1 right angle.


If parallel lines intersect, I think that that makes it perpendicular not parallel anymore.


The definition of parallel means that lines cannot intersect on a flat surface. In non-Euclidian math, the surface of the globe is 2D which means that parallel lines on a globe may intersect. (That doesn't make sense, does it...)


Oooh I want to add:

Say you walk straight south 1 kilometre/mile/your preferred unit, turn 90° to face east and walk another unit, then turn 90° to face north and walk another unit. And you end up in your starting point. Is this possible?

Imagine if you started at the North Pole or a 'top' of a sphere :slight_smile: I did not think of this myself, I had read it


(Oh! I forgot I made this! It was such a long time ago)
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Detailed Proof

Yes! I love this! I had showed how to do that to my math teacher and class, but they all got very upset at me. My math teacher said that it was on a curved surface, so it didn't count. Little did I know about Reimannian Geometry which is all about curved surfaces!

I gave then a second proof. If you have 2 parallel lines on a graph, they can still reach each other at infinity. What I mean is that they are at an infinitesimally small angle, so that they will never be any closer to each other (until they reach infinity). We can prove this with this mind bending stantement:

Does 0.999.. = 1?

1/3 = 0.333..
3(1/3) = 3(0.333..)
3/3 = 0.999..

And we know that 3/3 = 1, so..

1 = 0.999..

So now 0.000..1 = 0. A line having that angle will never move until it reaches infinity.

Who can make a triangle who's angles add up to less than 180°?

Wanna make a topic about this to see what other people think?


Oooh that reminds me, I just saw this as another way of showing that 0.99999 = 1:

but that is also cool!

I was going to say we could make another topic, but we could also just keep going here too :thinking::smiley: seeing as the title describes the sorts of things we'll come across in here. Yeah, it's a pity we can't move this over to the maths category as well.

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