Is there hopscotch on laptop?



what im so excited here is the link… please tell me this is real :slight_smile:


That is just so you can download it on the iPad. Not the computer. :confused: I think they are working on a computer version, though!


but check the link on the must be real im on my laptop right now


yes please im pretty sure this is laptop and btw this is why i needed to email them!


I don't think it is, because when I clicked the download button it took me to this
:/ I don't think they have it on computers yet


I don't think so, yet.
However, you can still use the webplayer!


oh but we have to email them fast because i dont own a i pad i have to use my family one as for do own a laptop


what is the webplayer please send screen shots


I think they're already working on putting it on computers and Iphones, we just have to wait and be patient


ok im just deperate i need hopscotch because it is like LIFE to me


So when there is a link to the game, they created something that allowed to to view and play the project a bit on the computer or a different device.
They only released it recently, and there are still some bugs.
Overall, it is very helpful!


well everyone now im sad because i figured that there is no online one?? :cold_sweat:


oh wait that AWSEOME..EVERYTHING IS AWESOME WITH THE HOPSCOTCH TEAM!!! yaya can you write a link so i can test it out?


THT are working hard on the iPhone and Mac versions :wink:, if you click a project link on the compuper it will take you to the webplayer.


You can play it on laptop but only if you get the link first and you can only play that one project


I am on a computer, and I don't have access to one!
Maybe others do!


ok thanks! thanks thanks


Hopscotch is not making it on it for computer! There making in for iPhone!


Try hitting download on a apple computer!


It is currently for iPads (like me) and iPhones.