Is there anyway to get my old accounts back?

yes, before people start attacking me with the "oh just email the hopscotch team!" replys, i would like to say that i want to get people's opinions on this first. ok, so anyways, i want to get 2 of my old accounts back. the first one is ChocolateDrawings. yes, i do have a password on that account, but it's ridiculously hard because i was stupid when i put the password in. i also didn't put in an email, so it's literally impossible to get it back. and my second account, SylveonTheGreat, has no password. this was because i made this account before the update with passwords, and it was also a school account, so i had to turn my ipad in before the update with passwords. i was wondering if i could get these back? as i want to switch over to one of those accounts again and leave my current account.


Wow! I don't really know, sorry


I'm sorry I don't know
Maybe ask @Liza @Meg @Maimouna @Rodrigo or @Montoya??!

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I emailed tht about ore passsord accounts, (my first one from June 2014 is one.) and you can't get them back.


If you email THT about it, they'll send a password recovery link to you. ^^

You can't recover this one, as it was made before the password update. Sorry!

Hope this helps. :)

yes but for some idiotic reason i didn't put an email in

I don't think THT can help with that, either. I've requested them to add an email to my account as well with no success.

You said it's 2014 tho

I meant 2014. @Paige1212

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