Is There Anyone Who Doesn't Celebrate Halloween?


Title says all!
I know @codingCupcake123 doesn't celebrate, but still, I feel lonely with all this Halloweenish stuffies going on. I've been tagged to 5 contests already! And now, most people have changed their profile pics because of it. (not that I'm against you, I'm just saying.) It's just, meh.

I don't want this to turn into a flame war. Keep negative opinions to yourself.


First reply and like!
I don't too!


I do, why don't you? Just wondering.


Oh, cultural and religious reasons.


I don't celebrate it in my country...But normally malls and shops would do some halloweeny stuffs just for fun i guess..


I celebrate it.


I celebrate, but I know Rawry doesn't. :D


I don't trick or treat or put on costumes anymore.


I used to celebrate Halloween, and I still do, but now I can't trick or treat and stuff because the country I moved to a while ago (turkey) doesn't celebrate Halloween ;-;


I don't really celebrate Halloween, maybe sometimes wear some special clothes or scare my sisters, but I don't go trick-or-treating


I don't celebrate I just make some Halloween projects​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I do. It's loads of fun


I do...halfly.

I used to trick or treat with this little kid


Raises hand


I do but it's kinda getting useless apart from you scaring other people hehehe
But it's useless to me because my parents just tell me "give us all your candy" and they make me and the next day I see a trash full of candy wrappers I wonder the candy went:D


I think @FoodDelivery doesn't!


Me. I'm too old to go trick or treating.


I love Halloween. It's so fun!


I do...but Ik a lot of hops dont!


I don't celebrate because really asking for candy from stranger especially when I'm almost 12 isn't my style. Plus I'm really shy so....