Is There Any Way to Lock Myself Out of the Forum While I Do My Homework?



Hi everyone!
I find myself constantly going on the forum when I'm supposed to be doing my homework, and it really slows me down. Everything I try to keep myself off the forum doesn't work. Is there any way to lock myself out of Safari or the forum just for a short period of time? I think @BuildASnowman knows a way... It would mean a lot to me if you could help! Thank you!
~Waffy =D


The only way I can think of is logging out of your forum account.. I'll let you know if I find a better way to do it​:wink:


But then I would just log back in D:


Use the self control app for mac. It's not available for pic, or iPad, but other than that there really is no other way, unless you can find a way to blacklist websites on your internet.


Ah. Homework procrastination is hard to overcome. Try to put your device(s) in another room, so you won't get distracted. If that doesn't work ask your parent guardian to hold on to your device(s) until you finish your homework. Remember to put your priorities first! I found this website that helps a little.

Good luck with your homework! You've got this. :stuck_out_tongue:


I'll definitely try that! Thank you so much! It's just really hard because I have to read in French, and even though I've been studying and speaking French since I was 5, reading in French is really hard for me. You probably didn't need to know that, but...


Are there any other ways? @BuildASnowman, you're a computer genius!


Go into settings, general, restrictions, give your parents a passcode let them see it one you don't know, make them disable safari, once your done have them let them let you back on.

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Thank you! This seems with the best way so far, along with @Intellection74's suggestion!


I go Foruming while doing mai stupid dang homework AL DA TIME


School is really important to me, and I usually end up working on my homework really late.


K focus then
Just have some self-discipline but don't slap yourself​:stuck_out_tongue:


slaps self
It actually worked!
Bye, I'm off to finish my homework!


Pinch yourself real hard until you dont want to get onto the forums :slight_smile:


I'm so lucky that I don't get homework but I have another issue the forum stops me from doing my school work!


All the ideas above were going to be a long list in my ideas! :D
Give your iPad to someone else to use and tell them not to give it back to you until you finish! Or tell yourself, for every time you post something, you have to do like 10 push-ups.


Eat a bunch of waffles while you do your homework, if one of your hand hold on to a waffle and your other hand write/track while you are reading, so you can't post anything on da forum, or slide up and down to read the posts. Soon you will think it's boring to just at the same posts and you will just get on your homework... Idk if it work tho


I totally agree! I can speak quite a bit of French, write French, and have at least a sort of intelligent conversation in French, but when it comes to reading it, I'm slower than a tortoise.


Silently tags @Snoopy


You could stay away from the forum this way:

iPad or other device(s) are with parent. You do homework. Then you can get your device. Yeah. Pretty simple XD