Is there any way to delete a forum account?



I’m just curious. Plus,I might need to in the future…not sure.
@Ana @awesomeonion @Liza
anyone got the answer?


Hmmm Change your name to Deleted3141

Delete as many of your posts and change you bio to deleted and change you profile pic to jello


are you sure that’ll work? xD


And I need THT’s permission 2 change my name


The only way I know how to delete an account on here is when you are on the first trust level. I don’t think you can delete your account when you are no longer a new user.


The mods can delete your account. You can’t unless your account has existed for 24 hours or less, or if you haven’t done anything.


Any moderator can delete your account, but why would somebody want to do that?


Because you want to leave??


But why couldn’t you just keep your posts?


A moderator is the only person that can delete an account as far as I know.


I’m not for sure, but some people want to delete the traces after leaving so it doesn’t come back to them in the future.


Yeah, I understand that. It’s still pretty sad when somebody deletes an account though. I guess that you have to be able to do that because of the new data protection regulation rules in Europe.


Yeah, this is true :blush: All accounts can be anonymised in Discourse, you would have to ask forum staff (but you are allowed to request this). I learnt about GDPR from discussions on :sweat_smile:


That’s what I guessed. Otherwise, it wouldn’t comply with the European laws.