Is there any way I can unsubscribe to the forums?


I was checking my email when I saw 103 NEW MESSAGES:interrobang: is there any way that i can not get emails from the forum?


Just change your notifications.


Go to Preferences

Scroll down and you'll find these check marks

And now all you have to do is uncheck them by tapping each of them

That's it

Im Getting Spammed up with random hopscotch forum emails help!

Don't forget about there! :wink:


It goes to my dads email when that's on so that's why it's off


Ok, lol. (20 characters not werjovnsefijvnsefijvbwdfjivbwjefibvhiwefbvjibwefjvkbewifjbvjiwefbvkjwfebvijesbfijvbewfijbvsefjkbv)


This is very good tutorioals on here!