Is there a way to prevent regulars from editing your topic?


I want my topic to be mine, noone else’s. I lost it when someone added “unread” to the title and now it’s invisible. Now i can’t edit it at all anymore.


Theres no way to do that but I could get your topic back for you if you want. Which one is it?


I want my “color emojis” topic to say: “odd bug-color emojis!” and be changed back to the “bugs in player” section


done uwu


Unfortunately, no. I apologize for removing the title, but:

  1. There is no way to prevent this
  2. I didn’t need this to be brought back to attention – this should be a feature NOT a bug
  3. You can deprecate it and nobody will see it in latest

Claw33 the [DATA EXPUNGED] and topic

Yeah, there is no way to stop it.


If they are editing your topic and it’s not for the good just report it