Is there a way to make a private discussion?


Don't worry, I'm not plotting world dominatio.n or anything (yet) but I wanted to know if there was a way to make a private discussion on the forums. It's simply because I had a person want to join my account and I wanted to talk to them without clogging up a topic. Thanks in advance!


There is on Meta Discourse, who made this forum, but Liza disabled it here because this is a place where we can all learn, not just talk to one person! Sorry for the inconvenience! :wink:


I dunno :0

You could do a google doc if you both have an Google email or such

But I think sharing emails is banned D:


Sadly, not. If you could, there might be bullying and THT doesn't want that :wink:


It's ok! Thanks for the information. Is there a good way to talk to someone privately without giving out personal information like emails and such?


Hmmm... Email sharing isn't allowed, but you might be able to find a different way!

I think @Follow4LikesOfficial has a cool topic on password sharing!


@Gilbert189 @SUPERSWAGGY @iReesesCup Thank you all for the info!


Good question! The closest thing you can get is the #lounge, the thing you unlock when you are a regular.


But deh rest of le levels 3 and up can view it too.

But Liza can do private messaging if you get a flag :0


Can someone close this topic?


Okay! @Follow4LikesOfficial @Kiwicute2016!


Thanks! :rainbow: I just didn't know if they were on.


I don't see a need to really close this. Check out this topic to see why


Oh ok. Thanks! I'm relatively new to the forums.