Is there a way to insert a picture you have taken into the program?


My name is JoAnne and I am a technology coordinator at an independent school in Wisconsin.
The fifth graders want to learn how to insert a picture of themselves into the holiday card.


Sorry, hopscotch cannot allow to enter your pictures into projects. It's a feature that will probably come soon. The reason is because people could abuse it. The best way is to let your students "draw" themselves using different colors if possible. I hope this helps!


Thank you for your response. It is too bad that people find ways to abuse educational things. I will forward your response to the teacher.
Have a good day!


And also, I know you mean to program, but putting pictures of themselves is not a good idea, since we don't want personal info. If you want to do it for school purposes, you can try using



I'm sorry, but Hopscotch is currently developing that feature.

But: you can let them be more creative and make the kids make the image by themselves, like making it out of shapes or some other kind of method!

Otherwise, like I just said before, that feature is currently in development. Sorry!

-Rawrbear (a Hopscotcher)