Is there a way to hack this block?



I'm making a Magic 8-Ball, and the text sometimes doesn't show an answer. I need a "Repeat Until" block so it will check if invisibility = 100 and do the "Set Text" block again until the invisibility is 0. If anyone knows how to hack the block, please tell me and also with a picture! Thanks.


There is.

Although it repeats forever, this will only happen when the invisibility doesn't equal 0, using the "not equal to" choice in the Whens and Check ifs. You can use When 7=7 as an alternative to "When the play button is tapped" and Repeat Forever.



By the way, the triangle without text is it. Anyways, I think I figured out another easier way.
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What? What's wrong with it? I need a description.


May I see the code?


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