Is there a way to delete a value?


Im making a game, and I created a new value. I accidentally mistyped 'gems' and put 'gema.' Is their a way I can delete or rename the value?


Yikes, I've had the same problem!
Currently no, not to my knowledge, sorry! Just continue using the value!


No I really think @liza should add this it's kinda annoying!


Unfortunately, right now there's no way to erase/delete values. It would be an amazing feature worth adding, though! :smile:


Yeah, no, The Hopscotch Team should add that, so you can delete it the same way as abilities!


No. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with Hopscotch itself. I cannot fathom how the developers have repeatedly left this out; but, alas, there is no way, in the Hopscotch app itself, to delete variables.

The only way I know how to delete variables at all is to manually [EDITED OUT]. You probably won't want to mess with that. And I'm not even sure that the Hopscotch team want me talking about it. Let's hope that this basic feature makes its way onto the priority list for the next Beta, like, um maybe some better way to insert fully-saturated colors, besides pasting some ridiculous, invisible HSB code into a spot where colors go. Or having no option to start with a truly empty project! :laughing:



The only way to rename a valur is to start over. If you don't want to do that, you just have to deal with it :frowning:


The first time I realized it didn't let you do that I was like:
K well that's kinda stupid, XD


Um... yeah. Glad you said it. :laughing:


Thankyou all! I was pretty sure you couldn't, but I wasn't sure. I never thought you could rename abilities either, but I recently learned you could, so I decided to ask about this. XD


Wait... Hey.... Hey! HEY!!! I didn't know we could rename abilities! :laughing: Yeah, it worked. Not in the list, but in the code. Goodness! I never even tried. Thanks for that tip!


Wow I never would've thought I could teach something new to you Lol :slightly_smiling:


Of course you can. Anybody can!
I don't know so much. :smile: