Is there a way to clear the cache on hopscotch?


Is there a button where you can clear the cache on hopscotch because I need more iPad storage so i need to know if there's a button


The only way I'm pretty sure is to delete Hopscotch, and hopscotch doesn't even take up that much storage. Try deleting emails and texts. They take up a lot of space as well as videos and pictures.


I can't really delete any apps I don't want but mom seriously doesn't even need to use my iPad


Videos take up a lot of storage. Another way to clear storage is to delete an apps data from the iCloud. If you have deleted apps the cloud still stores data. There is away to get rid of the data but you would need to look it up


If I delete hopscotch's data will it log me out and delete my drafts


All your data is stored online or something because that is how you can log in to different accounts on the same device so it won't wipe all your drafts (I'm pretty sure but not completely)

Your projects isn't what takes up storage it's just the programming of the actual app I think


hopscotch took up 300 MB in storage and i didnt even create a project all i did was log into my anonymous account

and it really rook up 400 because the app is like 90 MB

so now my school ipad has like 800 MB left that is not good


My own iPad has 25gb and I only have like 14gb left I NEED MORE SPACE


My kind of struggle.


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I have 524.6 MB left on my iPad

help me


Try uploading them as unfinished projects and save your password.

Then delelte.


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