Is there a way to add a backround then remove it? (Solved)


is there a way to add a backround and then remove it?


To what? Your profile?


Welcome to the forum!

I dun get ur question sorry


Welcome to the forums, @ntbargallo123! What is your Hopscotch username?

I suppose you mean adding a background in a Hopscotch project? Am I right?


To my project. Can you draw a trail, and then remove it?


My hopscotch username is ntbargallo123


Yeah! You can use the "clear" block to delete trails. :smile:


Ok thanks, let me try.


What @Dude73 said! Sorry, I was looking for a new profile pic XD

By the way, you have limited replies on your first day! So use them wisely, and edit them if you need


@MR.GAM3R found that out the hard way xD


Yes, me too. They should have a notification for that.