Is there a way for objects to remember a lot of randomly assigned things without too much values?



I'm working on a huge game, and it needs the code to remember what 7 ___s have in 3 categories. But, they're randomly assigned, out of 22 or 30 different objects, and it would be nice if there weren't a whole ton of values.
Which is where you come in.
Summary: Help me find a simple way for an object to remember certain objects when it goes through ___s.


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They're what the object has to remember the objects for.
Not giving too much away, you see...


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Looks like a ton of values and work... :sweat_smile:


You can have 30 emoji's that are invisible and change y position by 1 when a players character bumps into the visible larger copy of an emoji.
When checking emojis to be remembered, only check or have actions taken on the emojis that are 1-y position higher on a list


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I was planning on having a non-messy editor, and they're randomized?
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