Is there a maximum number of games you can post?


Has this ever happened before?


No, it just started happening to me out of the blue.


I would email THT for a quick response. Do you have an email ad dress?


Yeah I do, I already emailed them.


Let us know when they respond!


Okay, I will do that.


I had this problem recently, where every project I published on any account would be in the filter. I reinstalled Hopscotch and that fixed it.


Thanks for telling me. I will be sure to try it!


please write me at, so I can see what’s going on.


I have no idea what the maximum amount of games you can post is, but i think it is unlimited.


No, I don’t think so. I have made over 340 projects and it has not changed or something like that ever.


Maybe it’s just my iPad? Idk


Did you try redownloading hopscotch? It normally works for me when that happens


I have, 5 times. It doesn’t do anything. I also just got the iOS update and my HS is up to date. I should re-email Ana about it.


Huh, ok. I hope this problem gets sorted out.


Yeah, hopefully


I don’t think there is a max game post limit…
I’ve posted over 100 times (I think, idk)


:white_check_mark: Correct