Is there a maximum number of games you can post?


Fine then dude!!!


I’m not trying to sound rude!


Idk about games


I know, I just need to get to 20 characters.


yeah but you sounded kinda rude also you could just do this…

< this >


I am sorry for sounding rude


It will give you a 404 when you are on a device like a computer, or a device that does not have the HS app. (I believe this is the case, this happens to me)


I am using my iPad, which has the HS app installed on it.


Hmm, that’s odd. The actual limit of 15 projects only applies to new users.

Maybe it’s something that got messed up in Hopscotch’s networking?


Here is another link.


There’s no reason that should be filtered…

Why don’t you make a new account, make a bunch of projects and see if they get stuck in the filtered too? Idk


I get flagged a lot to. But I don’t think there a a maximum amount of projects you can do.


No, there shouldn’t be a limit. I’m pretty sure about that. What I would do is to email THT. What happens if you publish a project with just one blank text object and no code or just a few code blocks?


It still gets blocked, I even check on the other account I made.


As far as I am considered, there is no limit with the free version or any version. Has anyone tagged THT about this?


Yes we have, but they haven’t said anything to me.


You’ve been around since 2016? That shouldn’t happen in that case. Was the 2016 account your current or do you have a new one?


The 2016 account is my current one.


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… odd. Link me a filtered project and I will see if there is anything there, after I eat


Ok, here is the link
And here’s another