Is there a maximum number of games you can post?


Is there a maximum amount of games you can make in Hopscotch before no more can be posted? I’m just wondering if that’s why all my projects immediately get filtered. I even tried a test one, just putting hi in the project. It still got filtered. @Ana @hopscotch-curators. Please tell me if I am not tagging the right people.


Huh that’s weird… I don’t recall there ever being something like that. Don’t think that’s a thing tho

What’s your hs username? I’ll go check your account and see if I find anything.

Maybe your doing a trial or something and that’s why you can only make a certain amount of projects?


No, it is not.

I was just on your profile, and you’re not banned either.


My Hopscotch username is BabyButterfly(with 2 butterfly emojis at the end.)


I just checked your acc and didn’t find anything unusual–found the same thing as Petrichor…


I doubt it.
I mean, I probably have published/remixed like 500+ projects — eheheh I used to be a remixer before I actually coded


I mean my recent ones, I will take a pic
My account

Another account


Huh yeah that is weird.

Can you link me to one of your filtered projects?


It will give a 404 message tho.


I didn’t give me a 404. It took me to the Hopscotch app and I liked it. You should see my username, Hopscotcher :sunglasses::sunglasses:, in your notifications sooner or later.


On another account it doesn’t show up tho. I even made another just to check and it’s not there.


Then, email THT.
I think


ooooh you’ve turned into a ghost. People can see the projects in remixes if you remix projects. It makes you look weird if you’re rping or selling your fears.

I learned this stuff from my experience with a ghost.


What do you mean @The_Shadow_Roli ???


no one can see ur posts so you’re a ghostt. HEY THAT RHYMES! (also you don’t need to tag me).


I like tagging people tho


and I like being able to reach my GT through my notifications instead of having to search for it.


I feel the exact same way


It seems like what happened to ghost :ghost: :ghost:
Well, until they got a new iPad.
I’m not sure how this happens though.


so don’t tag me.