Is There a Code to Make Characters sit Down in Hopscotch?



The title tells it all, is there a code to make characters sit down in Hopscotch? I have a character on a couch emoji, and want her to sit down on it.


I don't think currently there is any code to make characters sit, but you can experiment with text objects and HSB colors to make it appear as if she is sitting! :wink:


You can try to make her legs on the ground and her waist on the chair. I think that is the best you can do in hopscotch... :relieved:


How would you do that @Giraffedolphin26? How would HSB colors and text objects help?


Have you seen the modified character projects in Hopscotch? Here's one if you have not:
Basically, what I'm saying is that you could make a modified StarGirl that looks like she's sitting. Hope that helped!


Not yet, but you could ask The Hopscotch Team!


No code for it, but with the right HSBs you could do it! Keep on coding (;


Well, look at some of MagmaPOP's projects for examples, like Screaming Octo!


I don't think there's a pose for sitting, but you can simply make the character go down to make it look like it's sitting :smile: