Is the Server Down?


Nothing is loading, and my WiFi is fine. Anyone else notice this?


YeSh I noticed this too


Maybe they’re updating the community?
Idk tho


It’s definitely down. @Chibimeringue I’d imagine if it was a scheduled update they would have told us ahead of time.


Mine is fine I think … :thinking:


Mine’s fine, well I don’t know I got back on a few days ago


Oop, it’s back on again


It was down for a bit, but currently for me it is back up!


I didn’t notice the downtime as I wasn’t on, but the servers are definitely back up now! It would be cool if THT made a public status page using, or a similar software so that we could see if the servers are down or not.


one of us could prolly do that hehe


I think the server was down to add a new form of censoring words. If you want to see how that works, type without the period to see how there might be moderators reviewing posts in the future


Talking bout the Hs app
Are you talking about the app?


i thought you were talking about the forum o o p s


Yeah, but THT uses lots of different servers to power their app. I believe that the main one is But as Amazon owns it and guarantees 99.99…% uptime, THT is probably “switching off” the server manually, making it harder to monitor.


but if you can trace web traffic from the app i am about 99%ure you can find some sort of sub domain or simething specifically for hopscotch
idk how s3 works tho


I tested a HTTP traffic logger a few days ago too see what servers Apple used for their App Store. By accident, I didn’t turned it of so it logged Hopscotch’s servers and the servers of the other apps I opened (my email app). I removed them from the data as it was just by accident, but I can’t remember that there was any sub domain from my quick look.