Is the remixing problem back?

Your username on hopscotch:

What kind of device are you using?:
7th generation iPad

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was looking at my friend’s projects, and even though they had remixed the projects, for they use other people’s draw pads to draw, the remix symbol didn’t appear.

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Look for other projects with the problem


I expected this to happen:
The remix symbol to appear

But instead this happened:
It didn’t

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

It this just me?


Maybe that person didn’t update


Oh…that could well be it


I have it as well, I am on the latest update


Yeah that’s probably it


This user likely remixed the project with the bug, then updated, but they still had projects in their own profile that didn’t show the remix bar.

When they went to remix, they would remix their copy rather than the original again.


Sometimes if you remix projects a lot, the remix symbol will disappear. This happened to me when I was holding my art club on Hopscotch. Most of the challenges I held were on the DragoPad Infinite, which was made by Flaming Fire Dragon. At first, the remix symbol appeared, but after a while, it stopped appearing.


That is also a possibility for sure, but a lot of the time it is because someone has a non-watermarked draft from a bugged update.


Yeah, thanks.

Also the former was the dominant reason back in 2017-2018.


I have seen this happen more times, people remix my projects, I get a notification about it, it appears in the remixes of my projects tab, but it does have the thing on it that says it was remixed, for example:


I tested this bug today on two different accounts.

Account: BoredPandas (my collab account with my brother)
Account’s remix history: No remixes have been published on this account.
Projects remixed (in test): “we all matter,” published by tankt2016 on June 2; “Summer Pixel Art! v2.0,” published by Speeding Coder (my brother’s previous account) a couple years ago
Results: Both had a remix watermark

Account: tankt2016 (my main account)
Account’s remix history: Remixes have been published on this account dating back to 2016. I previously used this account to test the remix bug.
Projects remixed (in test): “Kaleidocosmos,” published by Valgo some time before November 2015; “Episode 7: Season Finale,” published by BoredPandas at the end of March 2020; “Bird’s Bakery: Banana Nut Bread,” published by BoredPandas in April or May 2020; “Summer Pixel Art! v2.0,” published by SpeedingCoder a couple years ago
Results: All projects, except “Summer Pixel Art! v2.0,” published by SpeedingCoder, lacked a remix watermark

Combined results: Half the projects remixed had a watermark. “Summer Pixel Art! v2.0,” published by SpeedingCoder, had a watermark on both accounts. Because that project had a watermark on my main account, tankt2016, what I had found before the bug fix (that didn’t work) was released — that once a user remixes a project and the project doesn’t have a watermark after being remixed, all projects the user then remixes will not have watermarks —doesn’t hold true anymore. I tested this bug with different projects prior to the fix though, so this might not have ever been true.


It happens to me with my fighting game. I switched accounts and was able to get it

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