Is the GT category ENCOURAGING GTs?



Hi everybody,
I had this idea to make this topic a long time ago, but just never came around to it. Ever since a change has been made to the list of categories and a category exclusively for GTs was added, I have been itching to make this post: Is this new GT category simply encouraging more GTs to be created?

Don’t get me wrong: I think GTs are an outstanding idea, and I have one myself. However, prior to this category being created, I think we’ve all heard some murmurs about people against GTs: and their dislike for it is in fact justified! They want the forum to be more about coding, and less about GTs, which if you ask me is a valid point.

The issue here is that a whole new category encourages new GTs to be created by users that never had them previously (because they feel that it is vital to having a good account) and also by new users that are new to the forum. I am not sure if you have noticed, but recently there have been SO many GTs!

Another point to consider is that if you happen to scroll through your “Latest” tab, you will see GTs towards the top. This technically means that most GTs are active at all times, with people always posting, replying, and liking. It seems that other topics, like ones in the frequently asked questions category or bugs category, don’t seem to be receiving that much buzz or hype.

There are some great aspects to this category however, that have probably prevented further problems from having. Ana stated in the description of the category that each user was capped at 1, and they can only create another GT if the reply limit goes to I think 10,000 (I might be wrong, please correct me if that is the case). This is great because if this rule wasn’t created, even MORE GT’s would be created, in a similar concept to alt accounts. People can create MULTIPLE alts… why not multiple GTs?

Thanks for reading!
Share your thoughts.

  • I think the points are valid and justified, and am indifferent.
  • I AGREE, and want to take next steps to AVOID this!
  • Your points are justified, however I like my GTs.

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Note: indifferent means you don’t really have an opinion on it!


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Well it’s encouraging but I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem unless obviously spam creating GTs


yeah I think the category for general topics might be encouraging general topics yeah


Yeah. Plus pretty much all the new users I’ve seen in the past few months immediately make a gt. Like where’d all the code go?


Of course


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Honestly I think GTs keep spam off the forum, if we had no GTs we’d all be making a lot of topics for random stuff


I agree with you on this topic, everyone has a GT to keep updates, but only so many of us code on the app and want feedback or some critiques on our projects. The Forum has grown over the past two years into this awkward phase, as many of us are in middle and high school now. While Hopscotch is geared towards a slightly younger audience, the Forum holds a little bit of a different age group. Many of us on the Forum have lost interest in the app, and art seems to dominate the Forum and the app, with the occasional Debug my Code here and there. Unless we leave the forum or new coders join the app, this seems like it would continue to be an ongoing problem – it is a result of the community’s interests


just trying to be a devil’s advocate:

aren’t GT’s technically spam, since they aren’t coding related?


i totally agree with you! a lot of it does in fact have to do with the demographic of hopscotch and the forum, and how much it has changed. it doesn’t seem that we all are growing out of hopscotch which we started when we were kids: cause we are all still on and we are all teens! :smile:



very different from my previous reply lol


great :blush:

i think


Just remove the capability of GTs showing up in latest so they don’t clog the forum


*genius*, amazing idea


I think I that the topic for the GT’s was created to stop having a bunch of irrelevant topics all over the forum. I don’t think it’s the category that encourages people to make one, I think it’s that everyone has one. If you really think about it, most people have a GT, so when people see it, they want one. That’s just what I think, it’s more the people then the actual catergory itself. Like the same thing could be said with Collabs and Competitions category. In conclusion, it more so the people then the category itself.
(Wow, I wrote a formal essay, why has school gotten to me? Got a claim, evidence, reasoning, and a conclusion.)


Ok i see your point



That is exactly where I am coming from. It is our community that is less focused on coding and more into chatting now, it isn’t really the category, but we need more coders to join the app


Yes, I agree with you. It would be nice if the forum had more code related topic, but at the same time, I think that GTs add a lot of personality to the forum and you can get to know lots of awesome people. That’s probably why they are so popular. But, I think that the creation of general topics should be more moderated. For example, if you create a new general topic when you still have one that isn’t closed or super old, I think that the new topic should be closed.

I don’t use my general topic much at all though, so I don’t know if I’m the right person to judge.


I agree with you: GTs do add personality, and it should be more moderated!