Is the forum taking people's Hopscotchin time away?


Do you guys think that you spend to much time on the forum and not on HS? Tell me down below. Also this is just me being curious don't take this personal!!


Yeah, I think that happens to me, I don't publish a lot of project now


Yeah.. I am trying to work on a project right now!!


I'm working on ur drawing pad XD


Thanks!! Did you remix one of m projects to do it?



Mainly because I don't have ideas for what to make...


Yeah!! I am going to make a zoo simulator!!


Why won't I...

I always do that


Same here. I am working on a bunch of mini projects.



Because I am a chatterbox xD


Same... but I'm procrastinating sooooooooo much. Halp.


Yeah like bgs and mini games!! But I am trying to make a BIG game called Star Ninja


That's funny




Make a sin and cos eye 2.0 we need it lol



Also I am working on a Halloween version (like my current profile gif)


the forum distarcts me alot with coding.

and i dislike that



When I was on hopscotch back in May, I would mostly spend ma time on hopscotch and ignore the forum...and get on the forum once in a while


I know right, but I don't have any ideas on projects, and people tell me to socialize more {On the internet, or not}. And, also you guys are my only friends.


Yeah when I'm on this or hopscotch I am on the forum 80% and hopscotch 20% JK I don't know