Is the filter too strict?



Have you been sad of people leaving? Well hopscotch has banned leaving :0! Im leavin.g is a banned word! So no more people will leave :D

Ok no. Thats not how you fix things. Why is it banned? Some people do leave, @Liza. Is there a reason why this is banned? Another word that is strangely banned is bullyin.g, I dont get it, its not itself, banning the word wont do anything. If anything they use that word to stop Theres more words that are strangly banned but Im kind of tired so...

  • Yea I agree
  • They have a good reason to be banned.


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I would like to hear everyones opion on this.


What do you mean?


Quote my reply.


But why do you think its bad?


I don't know why they are blocked but THT must've done it for a reason


Words of much stronger vulgarity can also get past the filter like this, which is bad.


Well then, @Meg @Liza @Rodrigo
Could you explain a reason for this?


Exactly (I'm goin to go delete that post so that nobody gets any ideas)


I knew people were going to say that.

What I have to say, I agree. Maybe they should unban stuff like "Im leaving", people wont have to use them.


People can still post bad things in a picture if they wanted to, or just put a period in the word.

There's no legit way of blocking these. It'd be (This is why I agree with @MrHotdog64. :stuck_out_tongue:)


Your the best, @Rawrbear

Plus people would just flam em anyways.


I feel like they put filters for things like: d.umb, du.mb, dum.b and dum, duuummmmbbbb
, stuff like that.


Stuff like "im leavin.g", "iPad awa.y", and "" should be unbanned in my opinion, but swears and rude names should remain banned.


I mean, people aren't using the word "dumb" against each other. It sounds bad.

I don't get why someone would use "You're dumb." It's not a bad word. :P


Should dum.b really be banned?

I mean, I get it can be used like:
Dude your so dum.b :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But people will just flag it anyways.
But idk


Why is "iPad away" blocked? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have absolutely no clue :stuck_out_tongue:


because you must not put your ipad awa.y and always be on hopscotch


"Hey guys, ■■■■■■■■■■■ because my ■■■■■■■■■." :stuck_out_tongue:


iPad aw.ay LOL!