Is the Drawing Topic Really Worth Fighting For?


Hi, it's PinkClouds. :smile:
This is my first topic so if I do anything wrong, please help me :blush:~

Anyway, I've been sort of confused on why there is a drawing topic. There are lots of topics that are not related and get closed, yet the drawing topic isn't related but it's kept open :thinking:
I'm not sure if a team member allowed it ~
But, is a topic really worth fighting for? :slight_smile:
It seems to me (as a small little person on the forum :laughing:) that whoever gets to make a topic isn't something where a flame war :fire::fire::fire: should happen.
I read that someone named LazyLizard is supposed to make the topics~
I don't know why she/he gets to, but lots of people have said this :slight_smile:
So I am assuming that she/he is supposed to :grin:

Why are people making them if they are not supposed to? :thinking:
Do more replies make you a better person :worried: or does it just show greed :disappointed:?

There are ten drawing topics now. (I think :blush:) All of them have been created either by LazyLizard or BuildASnowman, and have been accepted.

I guess you get a little bit of fame for making a celebrated topic where many people post :sunglasses:, but by breaking the rules that all of you as people of the forum have created :pencil:, that's not cool. :pensive:
But when someone does, I don't think we should break out into an argument. :skull_crossbones:
We already know the rules, right? (Correct me if I'm wrong :smile:)
By posting more, we are attracting more attention to a bad (well, not bad, just a topic that shouldn't be used :blush:) topic.
The best thing to do is just to ignore it :ghost::ghost::ghost: and wait for LazyLizard to return (as others have stated). :grinning:

Also, once someone has stated to wait for LazyLizard, we don't need to keep telling the topic-creator that they shouldn't have made it. That just makes them feel worse. :disappointed:

I think having a flame war instead of just waiting for someone to make a topic is a little funny (but again, if I'm missing something please tell me :laughing:).

Thank you :hugging: and sorry for the rant~

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First post yayz! Anyways, I agree. Although I only skimmed ur rant XD


Are you okay? :worried:
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Don't worry see my edit.


Yeah, I agree. What's the big deal about making the Drawing Topic? And when you start fighting for it, well...


Thank you :hugging:
This is my first topic so I wasn't sure if I was doing it right :sweat_smile:


U are!! I gtg spread the word Froggie


Awesome topic but maybe overuse of emojis lol
You did great


I just wanted to answer a couple things in the topic:

The original Drawing Topic was made by LazyLizard. When that was closed, a moderator, BAS, started making them to make it easier to, well, moderate. After the mods were demoted, LazyLizard started making them again, and then Bluedogmc made some. The latest one was made by FearlessPhoenix (I think.)


Sorry :laughing:
I use emojis a lot when I speak :joy:
My, I do use a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


Why exactly was it closed :thinking:


I appreciate your wording of this situation. Making the Drawing Topic is a major strain and burden; the responsibility of making it is to prevent a mass "creation craze" as soon as the old one disappears.


They usually close because of too many replies, but unfortunately some get flamed/flagged down.


Just like the past few, because of flame wars and flagging.


That's a lot of emojisXD


Ah, :grinning: I see what you are saying.
So, they are not waiting for LazyLizard to come on, and soon there are a bunch of new drawing topics? :hushed:
How would we fix this?


Well, LazyLizard made a list of people who get to make certain ones, but lately people other than the official creators are doing it for some reason.


I thought LazyLizard gets to make them...?
When is the list used?


LazyLizard isn't on very often, so she usually designates someone who gets to make them.


But, when will the list be in effect?
Is the list only coming into play if LazyLizard isn't on? And how long is that time period? :thinking:

Sorry, I have to go now, but I'll be back :smile: