Is survey monkey allowed?


Some people have been making surveys with survey monkey. I want to do that to, but I want to know if it is allowed. It technically could be considered communication outside of the forum. Mods?


Well you can't communicate, so I think it's fine. I don't know though...


Yeah, @Intellection74 told me that Google forms aren't aloud but she didn't say anything about Survey Monkey, so I think it's fine!


Cause it doesn't involve Google accounts


Wait google forms?

Really that should be allowed!


Yah but it's almost the same thing.. Idk though.



That shows email addresses I think.


I will log in to my surveymonkey dashboard later, because I don't know how much info that you can see. I haven't used it here or on hopscotch.
You can't communicate, but the owner might see some information about the poll voters.


Guys, the reason Google Forms isn't allowed isn't because of Google Accounts, it's because people were submitting inappropriate responses. So, I'm not sure that it would be allowed...


A even safer poll maker is called straw poll, it's way easier (in my opinion) and it doesn't allow communication! XD