Is spongebob ending? (Goodbye krabby patty) PLEASE SEE!



Ok, don't worry, this is probably not the last episode of Spongebob, but the last episode of season 9. "Factory Fresh". The episode that was being promoted by "Goodbye Krabby Patty". The 200th episode of spongebob, ends it? I want you to search up "factory fresh promos" until you can answer.

Edit: please check my topic "Godbye Krabby Patty Projects" to find where you can code stuff to get it out there.


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I'm scared guys!


Yea... Nick hasn't made a new episode since October.


So let it die the episodes have slowly gotten worse just let it die


Guys, I found the promo links...
Mabye you will understand it more...


Hear that it said USED to be..... and then a weirded out vid of nerdy spongebob, and then "Goodbye, see you later, so long."


Just wait
Its supposed to be suspicious


After 13 seasons, Spong BobSquarepants is ending. They confirmed that.


How is this related?


Oh, I don't want spongebob to end! That is my childhood show!


How is this hopscotch related?


Its related because I'm going to code spongebob. I'm making it related now.


Congrats good


you didn't make the topic though


This is not HS related... :wink:
Would you like to recycle this?


Idk but The Thundermans is not in Nick Asia anymore....;-; AND I AM A THUNDERFAN
Spongebob is still playing at Nick tho..


How is this related?

I personnaly hate spongbob. Sorry not sorry


spongebob has a bunch of inapropriate stuff in it too


Yah I know I look up those "innopropriate jokes in spongebob" videos all the time, they're really funny :joy: