Is "spam" a bad word according to the HS filter?


I made an announcement project to "play spammers" telling them to stop, but it keeps getting stuck in the filter! I know there are topics about this, but I want to ask if projects about spam get stuck in the filter.


Spam does not seem bad but did you have any bad words?


No I didn't! I tried it 3 times, the project keeps getting stuck in the filter!


Spam is not one sorry


I wanted it to not be a bad word, but @admins @staff @Liza any help?


Hi @MobCraft, could you email us a link to your draft so we could take a look? Thanks!


Link to a draft? I thought drafts weren't published and thus didn't have links? But I unpublished it, I'll try again.




Try posting something else with the word spam!


I seem to be getting plays, but can you check my acc to see if it's there?


■■■■■■■■ huh your right


■■■■■■■■ yeah it is censored! @liza!


I meen on hopscotch though!


What is 'stuck in the filter'?


A project in the filter that can't pass through


I made another one @Liza, it's still stuck in the filter.


Somewhat off-topic, but @Liza @Ian @asha, Morpher got stuck in the filter


Hi, @MobCraft, could you send us an email with that project name and link? It's easier for our team to keep track of problems like this in our email. Thank you!


Okay @Liza, it's Morpher (it was on Featured):
EDIT: In email, oh...


Let me try: Spam Does it censor it? I'll try on my TFS account on the app.. ): Spam Spam Spam (Just testing more)