Is something wrong with my iPad?



Hi everyone! So I made a project called Gravity V.3 (version 3) and I had no plays or likes like for the whole day, I was wondering why because it's not like it was a really bad project or anything. So my sister went on to her account and went on to my account in it (does that make any sense?) and it wasn't on there but all the other projects that I had done recently were there?
So I'm really confused, oh, and is made a remix of that project but also didn't show up?
So if anyone has any answers I would be very grateful
Thx, byyeeee!
P.S I can't reply for a while so I will look at your replies later!


Oh no..
I think your project is stuck in the filter :00
Try emailing @Liza to push it out!


Yes like @Giraffedolphin26 said it could be stuck in the filter or it could be a glitch on your end. If it is that, try to restart your iPad. Hope this helps!


Thx for the help! I'll try both things :blush:


I think this happened to my cousin @Intellection74... Maybe she can tell you what she did!


Did it contain any bad words or words like death kill or die?

Or any rude words?

If so its stuck in the filter!


You can email them at


No inappropriate words, I wouldn't make anything with any inappropriate words.
Must be a glitch or something?:thinking:!!


Yeah sometimes the evil filter gets projects that are. Fine!