Is shooting sheep appropriate (to make on hopscotch)


I want to sort of want to bring 3D to hopscotch and I know 3D shooter games are really popular. Do you think it if I added guns, and killing sheep would be appropriate?

If not, what animal should I do? I know how to design the graphics but the gun movement code I’ll try to mathematically calculate.

  • Appropriate
  • Not appropriate
  • It is, but do something else instead of bullets

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@POMTL @Rodrigo


No I don’t think so
Maybe you can change it to shooting bubblegum at sheep so they get stuck and vanish a few seconds after?
Or just change the gun to something else


Paintball at sheep maybe?


Something besides bullets
Or maybe water
Or cheese


Uh…I’m not sure that will go over to well


Can you all vote please?


Mabby a crossbow? If you already have gun code than paintball seams fine


Shoot eggs at sheep


You could do a sheep killing game, I guess. But I warn you, those sheep can get quite dangerous if you threaten them…


Maybe lego? They would still probably hurt the sheep, but it won’t be as violent.


No, do you know like C.O.D and stuff? Yeah like killing sheep that way


That was a fabulous game


cough cough

This was hilariously awesome :joy:

got to goooo 2%


Shooting any animal is inappropriate! Make it a sheep shooting humans!


Or evil planet conquering battle robots.


Exactly! But, I think that would be hard to do in 3D.


Oh. I didn’t see that part of the topic!

Hmm. I got inspired now.


Yeah. 3D is fun to code, but, some games are better in 2D.


Shoot sheep with candy. Or make the sheep shoot humans.


Someone else stole my idea so I guess I can’t make it.