Is Set Position block device dependent?


Does Hopscotch translate the absolute coordinate system of a Set Position block into a relative, device dependent coordinate system?

In other words, how does Hopscotch handle different devices with different screen sizes?

Say that you're coding in Hopscotch on an iPad and Set Position of an object to 384,512 (centered). When someone else plays your project on an iPhone (smaller screen) or iPad Pro (larger screen) does the object still show up in the middle?

Has anyone with multiple different devices tested this?

Note: The Width & Height properties could be used, but I'm specifically wondering how Hopscotch handles absolute numbers for positioning.


Great question
I don't know maybe they make it smaller


Projects made on iPhone are shrunken down on iPad to run properly, and projects made on iPad make the iPhone turn sideways and use a relative.


Ummm. I have no idea what that meant.


That is an interesting question. I have actually not thought about that before. I know that if the screens are in the same ratio, the pixel count stays the same, but I have never compared the height of an iPhone to an iPad.