Is school really slowing us down for more time on HS/HF?


I want this to turn out to be a fun kind of thoughts topic about this..because I remember in summer there were projects posted literally like every second and now it's like every 1 minute....I myself as a student has lost hours of forum time and coding time...I can't catch up as you would see if you went to my general topic I have explained that I'm less active...
And I see that other people are also being less active but then again LOtS of great coders and drawers are coming back because of school IPads...hmmm...
Been thinking about this for 2 days..decided to post this and see what you guys say!! :grinning::grinning: have fun!!!


Hahah I have a feeling imma be getting lots of replies...oh no XD


Yeah. It's true. Most people come back when school starts, while others leave and be on and off. But just because they're not posting doesn't mean they don't go on. I, myself normally just like my following work on a project for a few minutes then leave. Good Topic!


Yes I see what ur saying!!
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:why thanks!!!
I usually post topics about what I have been thinking about..


Yes I usually check their likes tab if they have not posted in long time and check if they have left or not XD


I dunno how to add the OMtl do u guys??? Help here plz??


Search 'Offical Mass' and click on the first one!


@ Fluffymarshmellow


But I don't know how to copy it on I pad??


You could ask someone else.... hmmm...


We'll thank anyways!! It's ok I will do it when I get on a laptop XD

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There you go @happy12345678910


TYSM ur amazing snow girl XD very kind thing of u to do appreciate it you just saved me 10 mins


Lol. Your welcome :slight_smile: :wink:


who tagged me?
JK lol.
I know it was the tag list...

And yeah.... It kinda is! I was able to play hopscotch more before school.
and its hard to sneak it in science...


I thought I would be more active on HS when school started up again, but it turns out we're not allowed to do Hopscotch on our school iPads! D: And the library iPads don't have the last 3 HS updates, so they're basically useless! I'm still on the forum a lot, though!

off topic stuff

@SnowGirl_Studios you're back? Remember me? probably not xD You were the first person I talked to on the forum! =D


Oh no tsk tsk science is good for u XD


Thanks for replying to this topic interesting to hear ..



But when we get into chemesty (Me nu speller) I think I might put it down for a little.

But math is easy.


Yep same here well let's get back on topic!!