Is Regular really worth it? [No it's not, I quit]


I've been wondering about the Regular badge, and I've wondered if there really was an importance to it. I've thought of leaving, but I keep thinking about my Regular badge (that's why I haven't left in the past). But is there an importance to it?

To refresh you on why I'm leaving, I'm losing interest in HS. I have some personal stuff to deal with. I just turned 13.

My last project will be Bounce, which will probably come out in November.

So back to our question, shall we?

Is the Regular badge really that important?

  • Yes
  • No






It's a high trust we all don't want to loose our regular badge...

But the world isn't going to end if you loose's just a virtual...badge?


I guess it symbolizes that you are now more respected around here. At least, that's what I think. :)


honestly?? i think it depends if you're eventually coming back or not, because if you're not gonna visit i don't see the point in working to keep the badge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It really isn't important
U get nothing really

Who cares about honor? Not me


Frend please




Still here :relaxed: :slight_smile:


Being a Regular gives you some very useful features!


Can you earn money with it? NO.
Can you buy stuff with it? NO.
Can you put it on your college application? NO.

So, there is really no point besides self-pride.
It does give you more power on the forum, though.


Like renaming, recategorizing, making tags, and making wiki edit replies.


Nah. Not worth it.

You can earn regular back in the heart beat. If you want to leave, go ahead.




Possss...ibly... :sweat_smile:


U dont leavee
Me be bored without FRENDDDDDD




Special code

U no leave
U no leave





Na, I dont think its that important. It just means your more trusted.