Is Paid version of HS worth it?


Back in late 2014 I bought the paid version of HS and had fun coding. It was my first experience.
But the app was $9.99 and it only added about 4 characters who were about $0.99 each. The app was expensive but was it worth it lets see here:

• Removes the feauture to view other Hopscotchers and removes the search button
• Allowed a CHINEASE video that was the only other thing added
• Adds more characters
• Linkable with free version but buggy. (I published a project but it showed I didn't publish it and was the state of me just starting with the drawing)
• Added Halloween characters if you were at the 2013 Halloween event thingy.
• Added crews for teachers or just a group (only for paid versions can join)
• Can only see featured projects and your own published ones
• Not found able in free version

Not its your opinion do you think it's worth the money or not?

  • yes
  • No



Wow! Thanks this is really helpful I think the paid one is just the school version and you can't see others because the teachers want them to be safe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:<- my verison of a winky face


@Fifithefunnyflower is correct. It is the school version. :wink: