Is "oh my god" okay?


A lot of people say "Oh my God" on the forum and Hopscotch. I say "omg" because j think of it as "Oh my Gosh". Is "omg" and/or "oh my god" okay? I have a lot of friends that take offense to "Oh My god." I don't, but there is other's that take offense to that, that are on the forum and Hopscotch. Is that okay to say? Please share your opinions!

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Tbh, I was thinking about this too. I prefer to say OMG because it seems safer :D


It's perfectly fine! It doesn't really go against people's religions that much, and have you seen people that got mad because someone said "omg"? It's like saying "Woah!" or "Oh, wow!" :wink:


Yeah, I have seen people mad. But I'm not going to point fingers.


Well, that descalated quickly on my part


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I tend to stay away from saying that, because once I said that and my grandma said "stop cussing or i will start doing the same" 0.o


But really, in my household, my mom sees it as something rude to say, so we tend to stick with Oh my gosh, OMG


Personally, I don't take offense to people saying "oh my god", but I'm not sure about other people. (I don't have a religion) I'd probably stick with "omg" or "oh my gosh", just to be on the safe side. :wink:


OMG!!! Lol I think omg is a lot better than OH MY GOD! I agree with yall


I just say gosh because some people get mad at me


Yeah, in first grade my friend would yell at me when I said it 0-0


Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! Not okay, at all :confused:


Oh My God is for Christians "Gods name in vain" which is stated in the bible to not do. So yes just say omg and Gosh or ermagash or something


In some religions it is bad...


Like mine, but I don't take it too seriously!


Nope?Its not ok? Well that's your opinion, @AHappyCoder we all agree omg is ok


Yes, if it means Oh My Gosh, I am fine with it, if it means You-Know-What, I am really not happy :3


Right ok soz 4 that @AHappyCoder


I say it in real life (atheist/spiritual family.) but I don't on hopscotch. I once did.