Is Mobile G.P.S. possible to add to HOPSCOTCH? @RODRIGO


You can do that now! :slight_smile:


I think it would be incredible if we had that in hopscotch!! :laughing:


Does this mean cloud data as well?

This would rock!!!

I would code Pokemon go!!


Is it perhaps.... BRINGING BACK THE OLD EDITOR?!?!!?? XD

It's fine if not, but you said

So yah :3


I didn't think about time.
That would be a great idea to use in a project that checks the date/time when it starts.
i could imagine a virtual pet game like the "Tamagotchi"
When the project starts and sees 12 hours have gone by from when the project was last played, the Tamagotchi can cry-beg for food as it hasn't been fed for 12 hours

Also i'd like to support THT with money.
I hope there will be in app purchases eventually so i can make purchases and help THT turn a profit


i can see it now.
HOPSCOTCH GO-collect hopscotch characters somewhere


That pokemon go reference was just an example.
I know most users here are pre teens and don't understand about running a business, marketing, paying taxes so i forgive some members here for their unwise comments


So le betas are coming soon?


Now I am really excited! Is the beta coming out soon?


It would be nice to include our own audio, too. Such as songs.


But that could lead to personal info being shared :wink:




Sharing voice isn't good by itself, and people could say their personal info with no way of filtering.


I'm sure filtering could be done, it would just be a pain to implement.


Yes, because of everyone's voices and accents that sound so different, and the filter could easily mistake words.


@Rodrigo When I go to HS HQ later this week can I have a sneak peek? plz i beg


Are you comming to HopscotchHQ? :open_mouth:


@rodrigo when do you think cloud data will come to HS?




Honestly, I have absolutely no idea :slight_smile: