Is Mobile G.P.S. possible to add to HOPSCOTCH? @RODRIGO


The cellular IPAD and IPHONE have a built in compass and have G.P.S as well as already known tilt functions.
In a future update do you think support for G.P.S and the compass could be added to the Hopscotch App?

Imagine if a map was made. Either real or fantasy,that showed the players GPS location and showed , for example, a Ghosts GPS location on a map.
As the players walks closer to the ghosts GPS, the players onscreen character moves closer to the ghost on the map
Just like POKEMON GO!

A map doesn't even need to be made. A radar with colored dots can show a monster or location to be 2 to 50 meters away. There would be no server for the players data to be sent to, so no worries about privacy.
With the compass and tilt functions, I believe this feature would be hugely popular.
Please discuss this with the other members at THT and share yours-their thoughts


I like this idea!

But Hopscotch is made for coding, not Pokemon GO.

Also, this would take a lot of coding from THT, and I would think they would want to continue improving iPhone and iPad or possibly making it for Android and PCs.


This is a super cool idea. What you're talking about is bringing data into Hopscotch. If you could do GPS you could also do weather, time, and a million other things.

We'd love to do this eventually.


Yeah I hope we can do this soon.


This is a great idea! :D

It would be super cool to add to hopscotch!


I like this idea! It would be very interesting to code with that, but, we would have to make sure the GPS doesn't reveal our location while coding/playing with it.


Great idea! I have also thinking to add vibration, time and notifications (to use in projects).


I'd also like cloud variables and stuff so you can "Save Game"


Wow, this is definitly a super cool idea, as Liza said! I'm pretty sure that it won't come in the immediate update - but what it's coming is huge, massive, monstrous, it's one of the biggest updates you've ever seen on Hopscotch!

Anyway. Including iOS APIs is something that we talk a lot about, and I guess you'll see them soon, but I just don't know how soon. As Liza said, bringing data will be massive.


Wait so you're saying that the next update will be huge? Cool!


Yes, the next update will be huge. Don't want to give spoilers, but it's one of my favorites.


Any rough estimates of how long from now the update is coming? :slight_smile:


Nooooo idea. :slight_smile:


Any vague clues about something that may or may not be coming to hype us up? :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont really know about this. Hopscotch woulden't really be known for coding, more people would be drawn in by the games and forget about why this app was even made: To learn how to code easily. They would only get the game because it is similar to Pokemon GO. This is only my opinion on it, I agree with @Kitkat26.


M... let me see. It is probably the most relevant and dramatic update since the iPhone version. It's probably one of the things that you, the community, ask for the most. The prototypes are ready and super fun. It's not GPS.


I can't wait! It seems like it's pretty far away from being done?


Not really. Coming soon. Gotta work, bye :slight_smile:


What we ask for the most?
More control flow blocks?
More profile pics?


Is it turning drawn things into codable entities/objects? :0000


In an update I'd would like to be able to delete values. I've had many that I didn't end up using and they were in the way and occasionally messed stuff up.