Is it worth coming back to Hopscotch?



Hi, as many of you are aware this is a hopscotch forum. And there has been hundreds of debates about trending, following, remixing. But were they really worth it. What I’m asking is it worth hopscotching? Would you recommend it to a friend?? Anyways do you reckon I should come back (if you know my reals acc)

  • Nah it’s fine without ya
  • Yasssss come back
  • Meh. . .
  • Bananas

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Omtl not realy necasary…


Your a inspiration to me


I Hopscotch every day and I think that it is awesome! If I was you, I would definitely consider coming back to Hopscotch.


Same here I’m on for many hours every day and I’m currently working on several games


Hopsotch really isn’t that much of a deal to me.


I agree with @William04GamerA… I don’t Hopscotch every day like he does however I would totally recommend coming back to you!


Majority rules I’m coming back . . . @jordan @ everyone who voted stay

And yes I’m @ZanyZebra


Last time we talked you were a massive supporter of hopscotch


I did notice it was laggy when I coded something yesterday . . . They might shut down the app and make another one :thinking:


Okay this just looks weird @BlastFusion why are you deleting your posts


Why did blast delete his posts?
I already read them all


Please come back!!
Also I like your pfp


Same here! Your such an inspiration to me!